The Charlie Daniels Band God Bless the Mother Lyrics

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God Bless the Mother
Who brought up her baby boy
To believe that some things in this world
Are worth fighting for
The ones who raise the brave young men
Who're marchin' off to war
God Bless the Mother

God Bless the Father
Who taught his little girl
Freedom is a precious thing
And it's rare in this old world
The ones who wear their uniforms
Their land they proudly serve
God Bless the Father

Christmas is a special time
When we want our loved ones near
There's a lot of lonesome homesick soldiers
Wishin' they were here
Lets say a prayer to the Lord Above
That they'll all be home next year
And the bells of Peace
Will Ring in the Holiday

God Bless America
We thank for the USA
We thank you for the Prince of Peace
Who was born on Christmas Day
And please protect our sons and daughters
In the land so far away
God Bless America



[Repeat third verse]

God Bless the Fathers

God Bless the Mothers

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