Killer Mike Go! Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Killer Mike]

Yeah, still Killa Kill from the ville
With a flow so cold it'll froze your nose
Something like the blow did back in the 90's
When I sold to the geeked out hoes
Must be the reason my flow so dope
Not dope meaning c__e but dope meaning dope
What's that Killa? Y'all n____s don't know?
So School's in session, let's go
Dope s___ get you 75 a brick that bullshit
c__e just gets you 24
Like my n____ told y'all n____s back in '96
The difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6
And you're on my d___
Get up off the polo draws
Y'all ain't seen a rapper this cold 187 since above the law
n____ with an attitude like Eazy, Ren, Dre and young O'Shea
f___ that punk a__ Glock he got on the block
I'm gonna hit him with the K
Have a n____ singing like Michel'Le
Have a n____ missing like JJ Fad
Beat a n____ dead like JJ dad
d___ d___ James! Why you make me mad?
s___ got d___
I go ham
I go off
The gun go blam
I go in
I go hard
I go stupid oh my God
Shumalumadumalumashmalumaduma even when I ain't saying s___
Got AK word play might put a pause in you life just like a comma b____!


[Verse 2: Killer Mike]

Let everyone know that the bad guys back
And he got a gun and he's dressed in black
Terrorist flow and I'm ready to attack
Bombs over Baghdad yes Iraq and Iran and I am
The m_________ing man with the m_________ing plan
Sitting with the strap on my m_________ing lap
I put the s___ to your m_________ing naps
38. snub to your Nap' a__ dome
I can get you straight like a pressing comb
I go ape straight King Kong
Y'all monkey-a__-n____s better leave me alone
I'm a gorilla so I get realer
I spit hot fire retro Godzilla
Homicide maniac brainiac
Sipping on a pint of 'yac
In a Cadillac
I'm Killer killer killer killer killer killer
I did
These many shows in these many days
Had these many bricks got these many paid
That's 1,1,2 in these many ways
Indeed I say the opposite of living in need
I say is greed they say
I say no way f___ get money
Stack your hundreds alright ok? Go!

Written by: Jaime Meline, Michael Santigo Render
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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