a‐ha Go to Sleep Lyrics

The Demo Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Take on Me (demo)
  • 2 Presenting Lily Mars
  • 3 Dot the I
  • 4 Days on End
  • 5 Never Never
  • 6 Monday Mourning
  • 7 Så blåser det på jorden
  • 8 The Love Goodbye
  • 9 Go to Sleep
  • 10 Hunting High and Low
  • 11 I've Been Losing You
  • 12 The Swing of Things (demo)
  • (So please
    Please let me come to you
    And stay this time)

    Go to sleep
    Go to sleep
    Go to sleep
    There was a time
    When I could kiss
    Kiss you
    It will come again

    In your sleep

    Go to sleep
    Look for a dream
    Soft as your skin
    The night is here now
    Hide out in your dreams
    Sweetest love of mine
    You can sleep
    Go to sleep


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