The Black Tie Operation Death Of A Revolutionary Lyrics

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I woke up early today, just to pass the time.
There's nothing to do but sit and think
in this messed up world of mine.
All the things our leader said
won't matter if we'll soon be dead.
I'm wondering what's worth this life of crime

The siren roars as they open the doors and everyone grabs a gun.
The government troops have raided our barracks
for a bit of fun.
Our numbers make quick work of their "army"
as we march past them and into the city.
With our leader's orders a civilian massacre has begun.

Down and down they go
as I pull the trigger.
I get closer to hell
as the body count gets bigger.

I know what I was told, but this can't be right.
Killing families in their homes at night.

I've spent all this time thinking as a group instead of thinking
as an individual. I told our leader I wanted out today, he didn't
seem to happy. More gunshots, I'd better get out there. There's a
pain in my back, is that my blood on the floor?!?!

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