Ultramagnetic MC’s Go 4 Yourz Lyrics

Funk Your Head Up Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Introduction to the Funk
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 MC Champion
  • 4 Go 4 Yourz
  • 5 Blast From the Past
  • 6 Funk Radio
  • 7 Message From the Boss
  • 8 Pluckin’ Cards
  • 9 Intermission
  • 10 Stop Jockin’ Me
  • 11 Dolly and the Rat Trap
  • 12 The Old School
  • 13 Bust the Facts
  • 14 Murder and Homicide
  • 15 You Ain’t Real
  • 16 Make It Happen
  • 17 I Like Your Style
  • 18 Bi-Lingual Teaching
  • 19 Poppa Large
  • 20 Moe Love on the 1 and 2
  • 21 Porno Star
  • 22 The P.M.R.C. ID
  • 23 Chorus Line, Part 2
  • [Kool Keith]
    Yes indeed one time
    This is for all you stupid niggas out there
    Talkin that dumb doo doo weak shit
    We comin live and direct
    Straight in your motherfuckin face with some pure raw shit
    And we gon' get busy, like this

    It's been a while, since I seen a good street fight
    A good fight, throwin fist to fist
    Blow for blow, toe for toe, yeah
    Put your gun down, and give a brother a fair fight
    Smitty with a left jab, no AK
    Automatic pistol, put it the hell away
    Bring out a baseball bat for your black ass
    Cincinatti, beatin down on Oakland
    But I'll be the referee, while nose get broken
    And basket broken, and brains get beat down
    Bronx style, buckwild, nobody should jump in
    Just stand the hell way back, before you get slapped back
    No posse to run back, the gangsta hard talk
    Braggin on the mic, you shootin cops
    But when you in a cell, shootin stops
    Look at the murderers, third degree psychos
    Waitin to get hanged, and next on death row
    Behind the steel bars, you're froze and can't throw
    But back on the streets with a tool you are still hard
    Callin yourself God, and hangin with bodyguards
    But look at the snitch, your whole face is scarred
    Go 4 Yourz

    Chorus: Tim Dog (repeat 3X)

    You gotta Go 4 Yourz {suckers} Go 4 Yourz {suckers}

    [Ced Gee]
    Yo listen up, a lot of rappers wanna be hard
    Walkin around with fifty-seven bodyguards
    Armed with guns, crazy automatics
    Wearin black, but they're faggots
    Cause when the Gods are gone, and the guns are gone
    And they're one on one with someone
    Time to put the fist up straight into action
    Blow for blow for real satisfaction
    Hit the deck the results are fatal
    They can't throw cause they're not able
    To kick out a left hook and follow with the overhand, left
    But duck cause you'll miss he'll land, a bomb
    And put you on the canvas
    You wish your boys were there but they're in Kansas
    "Back on the Block" like Quincy Jones makin cash
    While you're on the road, goin out like a jackass
    So when you're out there, perpetratin fantasies
    You need to stop it, and face reality
    And grow up like a man who understands
    Be yourself, never give a damn
    About who accepts you, because it's only you
    Who choose..


    [Tim Dog]
    Gotta Go 4 Yourz, you gotta go get yourz, get yourz
    Get yourz, get yourz
    Go 4 Yourz, Go 4 Yourz
    Go, go, go, go! (Gone!)

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