Radial Angel Give Lyrics

One More Last Time Track Listing
  • 1 Give
  • 2 Your Name
  • 3 She
  • 4 Rain
  • 5 Love
  • 6 Untitled
  • 7 Something
  • 8 Empty Handed
  • 9 It's Over
  • 10 Annabelle
  • I'm feeling, secure as I warm my feet on the rug
    over, my eyes this rug becomes a wool now
    I'm finding, comfort in what is here today
    so sure, yet so wrong as this rug is pulled away
    as its pulled away
    on the cold floor, my bones begin to freeze now
    I'm empty, confused, filled with anxieties
    I'm broken, I'm depressed
    with no explanation given
    so strong but now weak
    I must, i must continue living

    oh, just give it up to
    oh, you gotta give up to him

    you are faithful and i know that you'll take care of me
    I have not reason to be, in this misery
    because i, i need you, cause i can't never do this alone
    or so what, because i know that you,
    you are there for me and you'll never ever ever leave me alone


    Written by: Jared Emanuel Taber, Jeremy Dean Dolezel, Tommy Lee Perkins
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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