Jae Millz Give Up The Goods Lyrics

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8:48 in the morning – still smoking, still going

Okay Harlem get the money, all day get cash
Caught up on my hustle, never chasing no ass
These niggas give me phony wuddup’s and cheap laughs
I know the lovely sake I’m feeling when I breeze past
Now who the fuck is this talkin’ slick ‘bout Jae?
Somebody better tell that boy slime on hate
Or better yet tell him all the niggas don’t play
Through the day I do mine, boy stay out of my way
Your girl don’t even deserve a room, she get car sex
Then she get my dibs on her lips like cobmix
Pinkie fitted on and I’m really gone
Attract up weed, I call it pretty strong
Yea kush it’s hally and dick
Nothing special when you grew up smoking chocolate and milk mix
No more thick mix, I’m running through old trains
Smoking big and I always want my money to grow
I’m all for presidents to represent me
Dead broke, assed out, I never compete
Fucked up in the streets – I never deceit
A nigga like me, I got too much G
Maybe it’s just a blessing, maybe it’s my profession
To get all up in a bitch, yea like herbal essence
You niggas is peasants, Thinking money grow on trees
Make me wanna ask you who the fuck was your OG?
Yes I was cut from a different cloth
So we’ll never be sole in the same stores
I’ll probly be sole with Nin and the sex
And I’ll probly be sole in the gat
I’mma get ignorant with it, let me warn y’all
After my plaque disk back to back on this corn balls
2-2 tall Phantoms – white hood, black doors
She gon be lookin’ like I’m in a pair of Concords
Smoke one for the real nigga
8 AM, still get imminent – that’s Millz nigga
And this is Brandon but shout out to my lil niggas
Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Rosay and Kalil nigga
My lil brother Makarel know the deal nigga
When it’s time to sneak a nigga he know the drill nigga
Big Mike then the bully and still nigga
Soon as he hear one word from me and he’ll deal with ya
Damn precedents to shit, who said?
I got music from ’06 better than that new shit
Roll the time for a minute and my game small
Now I’m killin’ off the bench like James Hardy

Millz, yea
I’m all for presidents to represent me
Said I’m all for presidents to represent me
Smoke something big bitch
Yea it’s 8-55 too
What’s happening?
I did this shit a couple times but on pre-tape
I ain’t gonna do adlets though
About to roll this blunt and wait for the CD burn
And then I’ll go home, bye

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