Young A.C. Give Me Your Love (CT BEATS) Lyrics

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I think the sun stopped shinning
But I don't know though
Can't really tell my shade's dark as hell
But I'ma keep driving to the money
'Cause my road straight
I plan to make it back to the hell door

As soon as I get there
Stay in the mirror light
Yo young you wanna fly lil nigga
Then I lower my pistol clock it and tuck it in my pants
My bitch income text check I spam it in advance
Now I'm trying to break down sorry by the playground
Oh you niggers told me you be eyeing you niggas stay down
Bigger brother told me how to rob and how to make sounds
Now I'm working it's just like a job without breaks now
With traffic in the real hoods they was in a fake town
We was getting shot at still can't let the case down
Beef is getting hit you gotta eat if you ain't eaten out
Fuckin' with my mob though we took the whole plate down
We got higher stakes now niggers ride A's now
Niggers riding for 'em in the tags is in state now
All I wanted was some love and they showed grief
Niggas stopped getting money but I proceed
Now I'm rolling up this bud nigga no seed
Got me feeling like a branch on an oak tree
Light some cali bud niggers trying to smoke me
But I'm a late 80's baby from the whole streets
I got know how, a few fuck up
Getting money I need about 2 dump trucks
Yeah I gotta pray for every minute here
'Cause the way you hating it look like the end is near

I think the sun stopped shinning
But I don't know though
Can't really tell my wrist bright as hell
My bitch bright as well
Turn all the lights on clap the stage nigga
Turn all the mics on
Transition made from a D boy to Jonathan
John what I see and I record shit to earn it
Fuck I'm Mr. Martin Due
I can see him right now with me Shawn 32 to the broads
Two nigga fuck what y'all do
Responsibility got me wanting to bring havoc on the industry
Alot of hoes into me, my bitch from Pittsburg
Give a nigga the time but give a bitch her
Time to slow the flow down kick 'em with the big words
Silk was all obsessing me with the big birds
And I was all on 20 sale with them hard head
I wouldn't gonna be shit that's what y'all said

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