Soulja Boy Tell ’Em Give Me a High Five Lyrics

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So im back on da scene and da fame gettin closer.
Squad burnin up man we hot as a toaster.
Still stop to fillin up and we clean as we ride.
Met up wit my partna now give me a high 5.

Walkin down da hall. posted up da real folk
My boy arab and other parnta donloc
30 deep da click be da ones u can get wit
I heard a hata hatin off dat hatarade stop it.
I seen u sayin u gone shoot.
Bets have have on yo teflon suit.
Da next click to step up in da game is da realest group.
Now i got u watchin me. every since da killing spree
Da tone have u gone and yo face on da tv screen.

Dey wanna say my squad lo key.
But aint got none on me
Da one who rocked a white tee b4 dey made white tee
The one who got fans in every state of da state
15 years wit a safe up inside a safe
See my partna in da hall posted up against da wall.
Let me get a high five den lets shoot some basketball
Soulja boy da name yeah everybody knowin me.
I flipped a eight off heavyweight and know they call me hercules
Im givin out da autograph look like a petition bra.
Coolin off da heat like i was an air conditinor

Who dat is hoppin out da chevy on 24's
Gave dat boy a high five headin up insdide da store
Bout 6 pairs of jabo's and now got shawty jockin me
Aint young dro but watch crank dat shoulder lean.
Headed to da next spot. 360 like a xbox
My shoes yea dey new and clothes dat shop
Im still in da neigborhood grippin on da leathin wood
My chain yeah it hang to knees like a playa do it

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