iiO Give It Up Lyrics

Poetica Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Rapture
  • 2 At the End
  • 3 Smooth
  • 4 Run Away
  • 5 Kiss You
  • 6 Chastity
  • 7 Tantric
  • 8 Rebel
  • 9 Is It Love
  • 10 Be It
  • 11 Give It Up
  • 12 Hangin On
  • 13 The One
  • 14 What a Way
  • 15 Poetica
  • Sweet September, where'd you go
    I was hoping someone knows
    Have you missed me
    Was I there

    I was dreaming someone cared
    Now hear me out
    I was the one
    I waited for you

    To get what is due
    I want it from you
    So will you give it up
    I want you to move

    Can you feel the love
    I could haunt you, listen clear
    Remember my voice
    In you ears

    In your bedroom
    In your car
    In the movies
    In your heart

    So feel me out, 'cause I'm still the one
    I gave it to you
    And still know how to
    I won't let you forget my name

    I am part of the bigger game
    I can load it in your mind
    I won't ever fade in time
    Have you heard me now

    'Cause I'll be the one
    I'll take it from you
    However you choose

    Written by: Markus Moser, Nadia Ali
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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