DAY26 Girlfriend Lyrics

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No [Repeat: x3]

I gotta slow down and find the one that's right for me
I'll be on the look out
Please tell me where could she be

[Bridge: Will]
I'm sick and tired of struggling and still can't find the one (one)
When I find that perfect shawty I swear that I'm done
All these phonies make it hard to see please reveal yourself to me
I know she's waiting for me I believe

Is she on my left (oh) is she on my right (oh) is she in the middle is she here tonight
I been searching high I been searching low
I don't wanna search no mo'
I need a girl-friend (i need a girl) a girl-friend
I need a girl-friend
I need a girl-friend

Seems like I'm close now
Something's in the air tonight
I don't wanna fool around
I'm on the biggest mission of my life



I need somebody to hold

Need somebody to talk to when I'm out on the road

Need somebody to heat the bed when it's cold

Get tired of automatic she's my for for sure

Imma pull out the car (woo hoo woo hoo)

But you can't be too far (woo hoo woo hoo)
I'm not giving up until I reach you girl

I just need that one to share my world

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Joseph A. Bereal Jr., Durrell Babbs, Antonio Lamar Dixon, Jerry Franklin, Thai Olivia Jones, Brian Andrews, Robert Curry, Michael Mccluney, Qwanell Mosley, Robert N. Newt, Kristina Marie Stephens, Willie Taylor
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Walt Disney Music Company

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