Eskimo Joe Girl Lyrics

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Girl I got to say you look fine
Girl you look like a beautiful princess
Girl what’s on your mind?
Girl what’s your interest

Girl forget it lets do something
Girl I want to see what you about
Girl and watching TV isn’t nothing
Girl and I don’t feel like hanging-out

Girl so if you don’t mind lets have sex
Girl what you say you don’t care
Girl well we can do that next
Girl lets lose our clothes and I’m a sit in this chair

Girl gets on top and let me touch your wall
Girl I’m a rub up your back and pull your hair
Girl goes up and down back and forth and gives it your all
Girl I just exploded and I felt your waterfall fall from the air

Girl now lets relax and stay in this position for a moment
Girl that’s enough relaxing lets get dress and go
Girl thanks for your company and I like your aroma scent
Girl and your best friend is my girl friend so keep this on the down low

Written by
Anthony Williams

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