BALZAC Girl From Horrorwood Lyrics

The Last Men on Earth Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Night of the Blood Beast
  • 2 Diabolos
  • 3 13 Ghosts
  • 4 Day the Earth Caught Fire
  • 5 Long Way (Before the Day Goes Over the Night)
  • 6 God of Mercy 2
  • 7 Fiendish Ghouls
  • 8 Night Tide
  • 9 Vanishes in Oblivion
  • 10 From Hell It Came
  • 11 Psycho in 308
  • 12 Monster 2
  • 13 Girl From Horrorwood

  • Satanic screaming satanic...
    Horrorwood looms before me
    Trembling in horrorwood
    My shadow darker than the night
    I give to you my sinful heart
    To make my shadow turn bright
    Satanic screaming satanic
    Horrorwood looms before me

    Black, green, brown sand color
    Before you start to scream out
    Black, green, brown wave color
    Before you start to cry out

    Why'd you take me to horrorwood?
    Phantom on your back's getting you down
    My shadow engulfs horrorwood
    Drown the phantom in our midnight lake...

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