Relient K Gibberish Lyrics

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Arg wu sentafinicate nar dunderford
bida menti kpstocated interserd
thorphilliate stinded yilla billa zay
wentora yate paravillintiniay
dorga orpha dorga billa
dorga orpha stifaleare
dorga orpha dorga billa
tonalation fonamere

stop talking gibberish
or just stop talking (3x)
if i had one wish
well i don't know just what i'd wish for
but if i had a zillion wishes
i'd use one to lat you know that gibberish is
not a nice way to talk to all you're

mork swax ippen reeby yuffabar
higger quillp emigrade do wellinshar
lirp crawn xyfa gourk jawinstabray
venaldo urp paravillintiniay

repeat chorus

Written by: Matthew Thiessen
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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