Bad Astronaut Ghostwrite Lyrics

Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Good Morning Night
  • 2 Ghostwrite
  • 3 Beat
  • 4 Stillwater, California
  • 5 One Giant Disappointment
  • 6 Minus
  • 7 Best Western
  • 8 San Francisco Serenade
  • 9 Autocare
  • 10 Violet
  • 11 Go Humans
  • 12 The “F” Word
  • 13 The Thirteenth Step
  • I am limbo, waiting on a window
    Stuck inside an interval
    I know it's unattainable
    Covered by a label's name
    Labeled by geography
    On a dying dark horse
    I am a plagiarist
    Feeble picking up a pen
    Between a sonic precedent
    Any age I represent
    Old enough to own the store
    The noise I make, like an arrogant ingrate

    I'm not noteworthy for a loyalty
    The forefathers who are redeemed
    Most of whom I never revered
    Never needed or never even heard
    Emulating individuals
    Cloning the new originals
    Follow us for king land rituals

    I am a spokesman for a derivative
    Travelling salesman
    Selling old narrative
    True sounds of liberty
    Straining through my voice
    Only heard in their code
    One noise
    Once an introvert
    Spewing my entire worth
    Regurgitating their words from it

    Second coming, a second strings
    They're personating the real thing
    The odd guys that wrote bad songs
    A drug addict's dead and gone
    Who wrote the song that sold my voice
    Forcing to make my choices

    And the name they chose for me
    And the name chosen for me

    Finally, here I am
    Said to be made again
    Posing weathered statues
    Standing on old attributes
    Getting sick of this
    Feeling ridiculous
    I'm an overtold joke's punchline
    I am limbo, waiting on a window
    Resonating old song
    You're not so long

    Scraping the bread off my forehead
    At the speed of nearly dead
    I never found what never made
    To the sound I've already betrayed

    It's the name they chose for me
    It's the name they chose for me

    Follow us for king land ritual Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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