Ladytron Ghosts (Blestenation Edit) Lyrics

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My fault
My bad
I had to be trippin
Im wipin your tears and Id do it again
Youre playin the game
Im layin a claim to your brain when I fuck with your head
Youre playin for change but shit is just stayin the same
Cause I got that chain around you even when I aint around
I paintin in the town
You awake in the house
Cursin and sayin my name
You callin me but my voice mail just picks up on the first ring
Your mind is playin the worst thing
into tears again youre bursting
Here it comes just like rehearsed
my fault my bad
I had to be trippin
Thats just how the cycle works

(Ladytron - Ghosts Chorus)
Theres a ghost in me
Who wants to say Im sorry
Doesnt mean Im sorry

Part of me just wants to say that Im sorry
But Im not so I gotta be pardoned
Im a hard hitter my heart is just hardened
It froze its over darlin
Listen I know that its sad that youre cryin
And I dont care, but Im tired
Of all the moaning and bitching and whining
I just came here to pick up whats mine and be on my way
Ive got an appointment
Yeah, Ive got a job employment
You were a puppet, a prop, a pawn for my enjoyment
To get to my point, I met someone else
Whos better in bed, better-looking, respects me
Someone whos trying, who protects me
Thats what she said when she left me

(Chorus x4)
Theres a ghost in me
Who wants to say Im sorry
Doesnt mean Im sorry

[Computer animated voice]
I woke up this morning cold and lonely
And my first waking thought was to get angry with you
It was the first time Id thought of you in a while
But there I was mad because I was cold and lonely
And I guess it was that I was mad because you werent there
Its just sometimes my friends tell me that I ?
That I was wrong ?? in New York and L.A.
Not that I ?? in December

Anyway, I had a very pleasant second date tonight with a very nice man
I probably had too much to drink
I probably shouldnt be writing you now
Its stupid, and petty, and childish and isnt going to do me any good
But the truth is the truth

Theres a ghost in me
Who wants to say Im sorry
Doesnt mean Im sorry
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