Family Force 5 Ghostride the Whip Lyrics

Keep the Party Alive Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Keep the Party Alive
  • 2 Fever
  • 3 Dance or Die
  • 4 Ghostride the Whip
  • 5 Get Your Back Off the Wall (3OH!3 Remix)
  • 6 Wake the Dead (Lalipop Remix)
  • [CHORUS]
    I'm ghostridin'
    Yeah I'm buckwildin'
    Move out the way
    Cuz there ain't nobody drivin'
    Ghostride the whip
    Yeah I'm dancin' on the hood
    Ghostride the whip
    Shawty knows I'm lookin' good

    I'm ghostridin'
    My whip is straight idlin'
    Stuntin' like a G
    Cuz there ain't no way to hide it

    Ghostride the whip
    Gonna take it for a stroll
    Ghostride the whip
    Walkin', walkin', walk and roll

    If you trippin' on yourself
    You'll be chasin' that whip
    Don't do it like that shawty
    Do it like this
    You'll get yourself killed
    If you don't do it right
    Throw it down into coast to
    Step to the side

    Watch it roll on
    Watch me campaign
    Ghostride around the world
    Yeah, I make my own lanes
    Droppin' right in on a one ton wave
    Yeah I'm surfin' on the hood of my Chevrolet
    Ride low first class
    Nobody sittin' 'hind my dash
    Don't drive too fast
    You ain't showin' out unless you got whiplash

    Watch out, I hear the 5-0
    Ghost bustas, here come the po po
    You think you can catch this
    But I know that you won't
    Like Houdini, you see me now you don't

    Uh oh Uh oh
    Where they at, where they go?
    Uh oh Uh oh
    Disappearin' like a ghost
    Kick back on the windshield
    Feelin' so nice
    This is how we do it

    Woo woo Ghostride the whip
    Yeah I'm ridin' that whip
    I'm straight ridin'
    Ain't nobody drivin'
    Street ridin'

    Chop top, shaved doors
    Can't stop lookin' at my 24s
    Bet you were wishin' that you could shine like this
    You can't even hate on me cuz you don't exist

    Make room for the captain
    I need clear sailin'
    Hands off the whip
    Unless you're doin' detailin'
    Screamin' like a banshee
    When I pop that clutch
    Errybody hear me comin'
    Cuz I rattle that trunk

    Grill's comin' atcha
    Don't let the ghost catch ya
    Nippin' at your heels
    Drivin' outta control
    Even tho you try toYou'll never do like I do
    You wanna ghostride
    Cuz I make 'em say whoa

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