The Rasmus Ghost of Love Lyrics

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I am near you
You don't see me
Can you feel me
Closer than close

Does it hurt?
Does it burn?
Do you know what you've lost?
Are you scared of the dark?

Now that you're gone
All that remains
Is the ghost of love
Deep in my mind
I hear the chains
Of the ghost of love

You are falling
Down and dirty
You'll be crawling
Lower than low...

Can you sleep?
Can you breathe
When you know what you've done?
Tell me where will you run?


You are falling
Cruel and thoughtless
And all that you left of me is
The ghost of love

I'm fading
I'm barely breathing
Can't hold on
I'm dying
I must be bleeding
Won't be long


Written by: Lauri Yloenen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Desmond Child, Harry Sommerdahl
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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