Tha Joker Ghetto Lyrics

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Alright, the sun is here but my time is gone
my pocket’s fat and my money long,
in fact is gone our RP, I still carrying back is when I get the G
we getting high like Whitney back,
my nigga throw me a hundred sack,
can’t take the stairs I need around,
I’m rolling up like a handred cap
today I feel
today I feel like..the shit,
just got a text from yell the bone,
I said today she feel like s*ck a dick,
damn the show is good as the day
there’s word to the homie pay for kay
hoes telling me to bring the ice out,
it’s a night it will go the same way
I know the future like,
your pocket’s flat like a panasonic
any location in the holes of honest,
I’m drinking lean I’m.. corner,
my hood love me so I am honored
well we ain’t good like..
gasoline, we blow supreme,
we blow supreme like their corner.

Hey, everybody rolling up and my cousin pouring up
so everybody get a cold with you
Keep it in ghetto
Racing as with the cheese, everybody smoking weed
ain’t seen a single police, could we just
Keep it in ghetto
I put the better score, seen a hoe
and I got a shot to..we just
Keep it in ghetto
Now I send the came up, ..pull the drops out
they ain’t it good in the hood we just
Keep it in ghetto

Now I pour up and smoking on it,
but I keep in hood and let me show it some,
what up dough to the A A A
Tea stucking you made the same out noise,
get in love from PA to joy,
from green field, back to..
Detroit, Michigan, they ain’t f*ck with us ’cause we the realest boy
still in the ghetto but I don’t live in the ghetto,
iced up get chills in the ghetto,
black parties, neighborhood, bike shit
this summer I’ma get to the ghetto,
my man just poured this hoop,
and Keysha is poured that coop nigga,
five hoes and once card rime,
I pass so I pour my ..out,
seen the same thing on..island,
beggin for money I’m like nigga please,
keeping it G with my niggas G
got an auto ..with some ginny
pick up truck and hit the look of stove,
get drunk as here f*cking f*ck a nigga hoe,
before 2 am I’ma get some more
I’m just keeping it GATT


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