Mack 10 Get a Lil Head Lyrics

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[Mack 10:]
This goes out to all them *****s that got the ups on these hoes
And that willy don't give a mad *** **** about a *****
Tell em Techniec...

[Techniec CJ Mac:]
Listen up baby, yo I'm talkin' to you (you)
About what your fast *** need to be goin' through (aha)
I see the ho in you (you) it ain't hard to go in you
And I be fo' sho' a fool if I invest some dough in you
I gotta show to do so cut straight to the chase
Got five minutes, get in it, nuts straight to ya face (BLAOW!)
In case you lost all your morals (What?)
I know more hoes that specialize in oral (Open up!)
I like that, sleep good on the flight back (uhh), spread the word
The first night back that's on the Beach
Outta town I met a freak with chips, made a ***** bust like Keith
(God damn!)
Mo' head, the better while I go head for the cheddar (Uhuh, wassup?)

Man, I got a ***** bad as Shante Moore (Fo' sho'?)
But I don't love that ho (why?) 'cause cash all I got love for
She like to ****, I like to get my **** sucked (uhuh)
She gave me head while baby stashed her fingers in her butt (Nasty *****)
I told her "Baby, if you want to be my honey (be my honey)
You gotta suck my **** and you gots ta give me money" (Got to)
She shook her head and she moaned out load (Ohhhh)
She couldn't answer back, she had my **** in her mouth (ha ha)
Ain't makin like a pretty ***** gogglin' balls (Wassup?)
Especially if the pretty ***** is gogglin' yours (or mine)
I need a ***** to blow me out like a candle (wooof!)
With lips like Badu and a mouth like Teisha Campbell (Fo' sho')

Get a lil' head, make a lil' love
Get sucked down tonight.

Written by: Bryan Ross, David Williams, Dedrik Rolison, Harry Wayne Casey, Jerome Johnson, R. Cousins, Richard Raymond Finch, Ryan Garner
Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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