Slim Thug Get Ya Hands Up Lyrics

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Uh-oh, better let us loose
It's going down
30,000 the first month
Boss Hogg Outlaws
S.E.S play it raw
E.S.G. and Slim Thug
Feel it man, feel it man

Make way for E.S.G. my 20's Crawlin'
S.E.S Entertainment Boss Hoggin
Platinum piece, Carniece, we ridin' Bentley
And I ain't trying to see no damn Penitentiares
But if this rap don't pay off, I'm back Grindin
Invisible set diamonds, man I'm Shinin'
Hot boys, with hot toys so ask MISSY
You can catch us at the bar, sippin Crissy
We flip birds, and sip syrup and drive Reckless
Represent both sides of Houston Texas
10,000 dollar payment on ya Lexus
Man I spent that last week on my Necklace
See I got my own lable, it's goin Down Now
Got everybody bouncin' like I'm Bow Wow
fall, fade, gettin' paid for the Summer
Watchin' 'Kings of Comedy' In The Hummer

[Chorus x2]

Now get 'cha hands up! It You's a Baller
Shot caller, trying to make ya money Taller
Like Jay and UGK, we big Pimpin
Make some noise all my independent Women
[Slim Thug]
Well It's the Mister Slim Thug Boss Hoggin
24 hours a day, I stay Ballin
Candy blue, 22 inch Crawlin
Finally, me and E.S.G. Shot Callin
On the grind, we makin' mo' Fetty
These boys hate, but boys ain't Ready
My Excursion, the size done by Eddy
Full of drank and dro, tryin' to hold the wheel Steady
When I ride, my candy paint Shinin
And when I talk, my diamonds be Blindin
I can't stop, and won't stop Grindin
Up to the top, is where I'm Re Clinin
Me and E, some super throwed Playas
Pushin' Gators, rollin' over Haters
We done bred, so boys can't Fade Us
These H-Town streets is what Made Us

[Chorus x2]

Now there ya go in Parasuco's and Fendies
Ok la pasa sinorita Comprendes
Dope game, or rap game, you know we Run It
We're back to back, back to back, like the Comets
We pullin' up in platinum trucks on the Corna
Look at the ice, you might catch Glaucoma
I be shakin' and bakin' and doin' my thang Soldier
And when I flow they be 'MAN!' Hold Up !

[Slim Thug]
We top drop, and keep our trunk Poppin
When we wreck, we keep the crowd Hoppin
We scared boys when they heard we was Droppin
We hoggin' now, so ain't no Stoppin
Spend a ten today won't Break Us
We blow money, cause money don't Make Us
Come to our show, if you think we Fakers
We foreign name, wide frame Shakers

[Chorus x2]

Now Get Ya HANDS UP!
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