Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley Get Wild Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Kano]
Hey, Hey I pull up in the tints all black
Black shades black this black that
Call it the gash mobile
BMW Black man wheels
Me and runner dude
Oh can't trouble ooh
Kingston ma' nigga when the world don't got a clue'
Roll in the club with a fresh hot stunner ooh
I got the cheddar with the bread and the butter too

[Verse 2: Aidonia]
Ladies like me
I'm so Icy
Pull up to the club
Vroom Bikey
Got my glass on, shades on like Spike Lee
Chinese ladies I'm your lychee
I'm so cool like night breeze
In my white tees, fresh pair of Nike's
Club full of ladies, tight squeeze
Gotta get one right now
In an hour my flight leaves

[Verse 3: Kano]
Ah, don't blame it on the Chrys
Blame it on the new shit
Blame it on the wrist
'Cos I got a ro-ro-ro-ro-ro-rolly on
You got a ph-ph-ph-ph-ph-phony on
No I ting go my Peroni on
Chicks in the club
I don't get my lonely on
Beverley Hills
Axel Foley on
Whipe on me
They big I'm holding on

[Hook 1: Aidonia]
Ah, all of the dem bruk out whine, (Tick Tock, Tick Tock)
Shake up your waist to the bass and whine
Love how your body feel when you put it on mine
Shake up your buddum buddum, gyal whine
Shake up your buddum buddum, gyal whine
Ladies in the club a get wild, (Oh Oh Oh)

[Hook 2: Wiley]
Tick tocking with the gal dem calling me later
Just fly out the bar just pull out a paper
Late night flight London - Jamacia
We gotta' reach Keke calling later
We'll wine it up
We'll dance it up
Tell them get ur triple A passes up
I'll take three gal on a night flight
Don't joke 'cos u know your wife might

[Verse 4: Kano]
My flow sicker than back road
Run this Castro
Can't tolerate it lactose
MC nachos
Them man are cheesy
Chat cash money like them man are Weezy
So on top when them man'll see me
Shot them a box like them man are Ri-Ri
They can't come around 'ere
When I di-di-di-di-di-di-done ya'

[Verse 5: Aidonia]
Spain, Europe, Berlin, from England to France and the German Berlin, they turning for me like a whirl wind
Them say Kano keep it burning
Come in the place with the nine in my waist
Tequila me feel for, the lime me ah taste
Black like a diamond line inna face
Love watch the gyal dem whine up dem waist

[Hook 1: Aidonia]

[Hook 2: Wiley]

[Verse 6: Kano]
Ah, No long 'ting
No linger
No behavior
I don't say hi
Say bye to haters
If raps your field then mines an acre
I'm Kobe like I'm a Laker
Owe me like I'm I favor
Girls naughty with me just by nature
Black, white, latin, asian
Me and Wiley make bread, bakers
Whole family east end, Slaters
West Geoffrey suit tapered
Bond, stirred not shaken
Gone alligator, later

[Hook 1: Aidonia]

[Hook 2: Wiley]

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