Bethany Dillon Get Up and Walk Lyrics

Stop and Listen Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Get Up and Walk
  • 2 Everyone to Know
  • 3 I Am Yours
  • 4 Stop and Listen
  • 5 Say Your Name
  • 6 So Close
  • 7 Reach Out
  • 8 Deliver Me
  • 9 The Way I Come to You
  • 10 In the Beginning
  • 11 Everyone to Know (acoustic)

  • I have got no one to blame
    Except if that someone's me
    I washed my hands, but just the same
    My eyes confess for me
    I come in filthy rags
    You know I'm guilty

    I wake up almost every night
    Saying Your name
    What I would give to walk in the light
    But what I hide has made me lame
    My face down on the ground
    I wait to hear the healing sound

    You break through my deafness
    Swing open the curtain
    And I find the courage to get up and walk
    I forget my weakness
    For You've answered my loneliness
    And through the mud on my eyes
    I can see my Hope has come

    You'll have to show me where to go
    It's been so long since I've used my feet
    I got up today a cripple
    And now I'm dancing
    So let the power of Your move
    Not stop with what I can see

    I couldn't walk
    I couldn't sing
    I couldn't love until You found me

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