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Noise Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Noise
  • 2 Fuck U
  • 3 Waste
  • 4 Sleep
  • 5 Here
  • 6 Get Out
  • 7 Conscience
  • 8 Pulse
  • 9 Wrong
  • 10 Love Song
  • 11 Me and You
  • Get out
    Get out
    Cos I don't know what you're about

    Get out
    Get out
    Cos I don't know what you're thinking about
    Something says leave
    Just leave
    Cos I don't like you looking at me

    I don't want you here
    I don't want you near
    Cos your face just gives me the fear

    Blow out
    Blow out
    Cos I don't believe you're who you are
    And who you said to me

    No you're out
    Get out
    I don't wanna know what your about

    Get out (Repeat x 8)

    Out the door
    Out the door
    You've become an intolerable bore
    Before your voice it brings me to tears

    Don't want you here
    Don't want you near
    Cos I think you're fucking weird

    Blow out
    Blow out
    I can't stand to see your face
    I wish you'd go some other place
    Get out
    Get out
    I don't want you hanging about

    Get out (Repeat x 10)

    Written by: Craig Walker, Daniel Griffiths, Darius Keeler
    Lyrics © FINTAGE PUB u0026 COLLECTION B.V.

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