The Jacka feat. RobLo Get Out There Lyrics

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[Female singing]
You're really gonna get on out there
Show 'em everything 'cuz you don't care
Must be a supermind you everywhere
Them ya friends does he call you very rare
[Jacka singing]
Playboy just get on out there
Show 'em everything 'cuz you don't care
Must be a superstar you're everywhere
Superfly standing out you're very rare

[Verse 1 Jacka]
I'm, on the dancefloor with her
She did everything to me
I'm the flyboy with the tree
In the club when the lights get dim, that's me
Means you smell
Roblo stay turning up the 'Bel
Well but it's trill when i'm turning up the smoke
You know?


[Verse 2 Roblo]
I'm, in the VIP with her
I know she love it when she touch my fur
And i'm so smooth I know it hurts
At the bar with the G's not the jerks
With the Tee's, jeans in my crease
With the thousands ice in the mouth
With the platinum ounce and after the club
Push the engines to the house with it


[Verse 3 Jacka]
Out the H2 driving like i'm in a hurry
Off the 'Hypno ice ice light blurry
Got the back driver seat chicks like worried
Get the sweets out the armrest with some blueberry
Relax your mind let your conscience be free
You're now listing to the sounds of the J-A-C
20 rounds under my shirt nobody knows
Struck a pose with my d-boy stance the girls froze though
They love your boy 'cuz I come from the Yay
A-R-E-A boy that's where i'm from
Never sell a million records but my time will come'
Gir-girly in my whip and she KINDA dumb


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