Lloyd Get It Shawty (Nina Sky & Yung Joc Remix) Lyrics

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(feat. Nina Sky, Yung Joc)

[Intro: Lloyd & Nina Sky]
Oh, oh, oh this is a J - Lack Track Man oh, oh, oh, uh, Nina Sky

[Verse 1: Lloyd]
I guess I just can't let this moment slip away
I guess I got my eye on you
I see you lookin over your shoulder
Let me make my way over
Excuse me miss lady how you doin
Your body lookin right, your the type
That I like, and I'm pursuein
Can I get a lil closer so I can get to know
You and exchange names and thangs
Before the night is over uh

All I really want is for you to back it
Up on me put your weight on it, cause
It's alright do whatcha wanna make me
Believe ya oooo... I wanna see ya
Get it Shawty [x4] oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Get Get Get Get it Shawty [x4]

[Verse 2: Nina Sky]
I bet that you won't let this woman slip away (away)
Once I tell you why I'm feeling you uh and I can't get you out of my system ooh I hope you would listen
Got me thinking about you daily ever since the night we might be joking goin' crazy make my way over so I can show you what I want gotta make my way before the night is over ohh

[Chorus: Nina Sky]
All I really want is for you to come closer babe and put your game on me
Cause it's all right do what you wanna make me believe it treat me like you need it
Get it Boy [x4] oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Get Get Get Get it Boy [x4]

[Verse 3: Yung Joc]
Ah, Ah, Shimmy Shimmy CoCo pop
You should get to know Joc
I peel up in that hard top
I bet I make your heart stop
The life I lead Hard Knock
I pop the trunk the Car Lock
I can buy you gifts All Rocks
When they wanna hate Ya Boy Stop
Lil Shawty won't cha slide with me CL550
Inhale the freshness the essence of leather
Wood Shawty
But it's goin be a late night
I'll show you what I taste like
Non-stop no break lights
Jaws like a Great White

[Chorus: Lloyd]

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