Scissor Sisters Get It Get It Lyrics

Love and war dancing
When they're around with you
Come on baby, get dancing
I'm scared of what you do
We go out, have a laugh
Have a good time, you and I
We go walk, have a drink
Have a good time, you and I
And when the night is due
I get so red to kiss your lips
Wish I could say to you that,
"I got so much come and get it!"
Get It..Get It
Get It..Get It
Gonna kiss it, gonna love it
Get It..Get It
Get It..Get It
Hit me with it, come and get it
Come and get it
I'm waiting in my room
To pick you up at 8
There's so much we can do
I promise I won't be late
(Repeat Bridge 1#)
And when the fun it ends
I look into your eyes and see
Oh, what a lovely time
I think that this might be the date to
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Bridge 1# & 2# then Chorus)

Written by: Jason Sellards, Scott Hoffman
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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