Too $hort Get In Where You Fit In Lyrics

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What happened to that other rapper y'all used to **** with?

Man, we ain't ****ing with that fake ************ MC Uh, Whatever
That ************ name is, man we got a real crew, we got
************s over here rapping for real, eat ***** on records and
****, that **** ain't what's happening, we got some real ****
Trying to be like $hort ************, you know what I'm saying?
Dangerous Music got some mack **** for your ***, boy
**** him up, $hort

Get in where you fit in, fool
You was a mark up at the high school
Now you're hardcore like CB4
Biting, what you want to be me for?
It's your life, you wish it was a Too $hort rap
But you gots no game, and your bass ain't fat
You need to quit, rapping just ain't your place
So back on the grind and don't catch no case
*****es, that's what you always be
Like the other young *****es that try to get with me
I run all up in it but this ain't no race
I pull it out and shoot it right in her face
You probably wine her and dine her
And get jealous when you can't find her
You're nothing but a mark
I bet you get your *** kicked hanging at the park, *****!
You'd better watch your back
Before you get jacked by a ***** with a gat
Cause Life is Too $hort, I'm In the House like that
Shorty the Pimp, was Born to Mack
And I don't stop rapping, one thing I never do
Is stop making this funky-*** **** to ride to
And other rap crews can see
Dangerous Crew got the funky beats
And when I see ya, and act like I don't know ya
I'm like Missouri, cause I can show ya
Why is my **** so funky it stanks?
Pee Wee, Shorty B, and Ant Banks
You outta pocket trying to hang with my crew
You might of just learned, but it ain't nothing new
What happened to your funk, did you lose it?
Or did you get juked by Dangerous Music?
We stole all your money, and all your songs
Done you like a hoe and then sent your *** home
One punk came and went
Had to fire the hoe, but I'm still a pimp
(MC) Lawrence (The fake gangsta)
Would've never been **** without the Bad-*** Banksta (The little punk)
Now he's gonna play on out (Like a mark)
Had to put his fat foot in his mouth (Little *****)
Quick to say "I'm sorry" when you're funny
Y'all can have him, cause Dangerous don't want him
He'll tell a lie almost every other minute
I'm like Bennett, I ain't in it
Go on with your reject rap attack
You'll get more from a prize in a Cracker Jack
And since Banks said he can't have no more funk (Hell naw)
Get in where you fit in, punk
It's what life is all about

Did that get him, did that get it? (Yeah, you got him)
Wait, it's the end? (*****-*** *****)
You like that ****? (Hell yeah) Damn, you like that, *****!
You a fool (Tore his *** up!) Banks you a fool for that!
(**** that *****) (Goddamn!)

Man, **** that punk-*** *****, man trying to **** with the Dangerous
Crew, *****, you can't hang with this ****, *****, we got *****s
Way tighter than you man,you old want to be me ******* *****, come with
Some real *****s from East Oakland, *****

I'm a Bad-N-Fluenz, so keep your ****ing kids away from me
Cause the **********ing turf is the place to be
Where hella *****s get shot at
So you'd better pop back, or your *** getting dropped, black
Cause *****s lay you on your back fast
So you'd better grab a gat and pop a cap in they black ***
And let loose the whole clip
And let these ************s know that you ain't taking no ****
I mean you gotta be a nut, fool
And you can't give a ****, you can cut *****, **** school
Because that **** don't even last long
Get a key from an OG and get your ****ing cash on
And if a ***** got some grip, get your gank on
But if a ***** popping lip, get your bank on
Don't ever go out like another sucker
You gotta show everybody that you the baddest ************
Show them *****s you the biggest boss
And ain't no slipping stopping the tripping just popping
A clip and breaking them *****s off
Cause see life ain't nothing but just riches to me
Getting high with my partners and *****es to see
Yep, that's what life is all about
You eating the **** and she sucking your **** and you
****ing that ***** and kicking that ***** up out
I ain't a model, and I don't play the ****ing role
Don't be **** when you're old, ***** **** a goal
You want to be somebody, I tell your *** you can't
You little bad ************, go on and hit the dank
That's how it is in the Oaktown
These ************s didn't know? Well these ************s know now
And don't be jealous and mad we doing ****
Cause I don't give a ****, I'm from the Bad-N-Fluenz clique

You want to follow in my footsteps, well put on your gangsta hat
Burn the sack, and don't be ashamed to mack
I'm bout to tell you how a true player has to be
The **** comes naturally, so hoes quit asking me
I never listened and used to cuss in back of the church
Bracking the Max is my birth, packing a gat on the turf
Ready to drop any sucker on contact
You can't keep me calm, black, so pass me the bomb sack
And watch me extend with a grin to another place
I live on the edge and the Feds and the brothers space
But ain't no stopping this fool, I'm on a rampage
Breaks out in a damn rage, so don't try to stand, break
Sit in the range, you'll get maimed, I don't fight fair
Strike with a mic, in a psyche is a nightmare
And I'm always using my **** cause I'm slick with a fly *****
And Rappin' *** Ron is my psychopath sidekick
Two hard head *****s, yeah we advocate violence
Talking **** to the world cause we don't have to stay silent
Steady searching for a bad plan, thinking like a mad man
Your crew think they tight, but when I come they a sad clan
So **** it, I'm always causing ruckus
Whoever want to disagree then grab my **** and suck it
Diddley is always doing ****, destructive and I ruin ****
You stepping, pack your weapon ****ing with the Bad-N-Fluenz clique

**** it, it's just another ***** dead
I pulled the trigger and I figure lead, that's when the ***** bled
Bloodshed is what I see in the nighttime
Strange and deranged, I ain't in my right mind
I can't relate, I'm stuck in a dream state
A psychopath, and Diddley Dog is my teammate
See we a closer, to Fred and Barney Rubble
So step to Bad-N-Fluenz and you know you in double trouble
************, we the Bad-N-Fluenz clique
Some lunatics, and we known to ruin ****
A terrorist, I ain't never been a role model
***** I grab the ****ing 40 and down the whole bottle
And I don't even like ****ing with no alcohol
But I'll snatch a joint, and get smoked out for y'all
Getting lit, never having a fit
On the avenue, having brew, grabbing my ****
And if your clique talking ****, it's your clique I'm a terrorize
The nine to your spine, now your *** is paralyzed
I'm dangerous, and I ain't even mad yet
I drop with couch and watch you bounce like a bad check
Cause I'm a mack that's from 8900, *****
Rappin' Ron and Diddley Dog and Bad-N-Fluenz ruling ****

Fool don't understand all the **** that goes on up in this *****'s head
From the hood come if you would but you might end up dead
See these sick-*** Oakland streets done turned me out
Surviving and making cash is what it's about
Some people ask me why I commit crimes ?there em? a scratch
But I'm black and I'm trapped and I can't turn back
I was raised as a cruel kid
Because the streets taught me more than these fake-*** schools did
I tried the education system but I dropped it
So now I'm in the goddamn game and can't stop it
And I'm a **********ing threat to authority
Make the police sweat when they check this wreckless minority
You want more of me, come to Oakland, that's where I be at
Selling dope with my folks, come close and see I react
Hard *****s addicted to dirty money, fast cars, and fine hoes
On the drink every day like winos
And sometimes I be slipping up off the blunt
So I packs a pump for the punks who want to try for their stunt
Cause I would never tell a hoe how I make my green
I cut my cream on an un so I can't be seen
And then I bump up on the block and knock after knock
Watch the cop jock as I create a be a hot spot
Pushing slugs just to make it
I'm in the game and it's real and a ***** can't fake it
I know it's sad what I'm doing
And I don't give a ****, I'm Ant Diddley Dog and I'm a Bad-N-Fluenz

***** you think you got the **** in?
You gotta get in where you fit in, *****
************, you outta pocket, punk-*** *****
Swoll-*** ************, you can't **** with the crew, *****
You need to get in where you fit in
You stupid-*** *****

Written by: Anthony Nelson, Ramon Russell Gooden, Roniece Levias, Stuart Jordan, Todd Anthony Shaw
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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