Dave Matthews Band Get In Line Lyrics

Mama took everything
See you change and leaving
Come oncome onbabyyeah
Telling go with you
Manhe don't call back
I'm worriedworried
Take himtake my time to go
And I wonder and I'm happy we'll say

YeahI'm coming
Oharen'toh aren't you
And write youand write you

Yeahand leave me I'll turn you away
Like a fool
More happy and sad and again
I'm in a hurryoh
Please don't go away
By the colors out of place
Please don't hurry
Turn you back
Back outside

Yeahyou come
Oh whereoh where
Oh and I tell himtell him get in line
Oh calling stand again
Watch himwatch him as he smiles
You never can tell it's coming
And I don't want to wonder again
I'm begging you for a female
Takingtaking all my time
How old and lay asleep

Oh yeah
I'm coming
Oh aren'toh aren't you
YeahI'm running for ya toofor ya

Yeahand scurries
And I mind
I don't I don't

Yeahleave me back home to my trance
And I'm saying it
I'm too worried for my health
And the reasons change
Please don't forget
To turn me back
Like a (? )
Please don't worry
Oh lover yeah

YeahI scream and say
Yeahturning backturning back

Oh yeah
Come and turn back the screen
And it's open
Darkness it needs me again
Please don't worry
About the colors 'round your eyes
Just because
What lies inside the smile

Oh yeah
Lover lielover lie
My runningfeet too fast
Well I run back and call it an answer
Come oncome on give me time
And I receive
And I don't question why
I say I'll come again
I say I'll come again

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