AZ Genesis (Freestyle) Lyrics

Stay set, sequel in the making
Three-sixty, my belief is in the nation to peep reparations
With a real nigga over, though I speak education (do him!)
So explicit, mix you with quantic physics
Gifted with dome linguistics, sitting bad bitches
Paul …his younger was artistic
Omission, fly since the
Eccentric, inflicted with the contradiction
Compositions consisting with the competition
Christian while my folks are… slope
Cigar smoke stay up wake through the.. hopes
Cope, with the crimes and the petty minds
Steady rhyme, let him rhyme, bet he shine
..cause it’s naked
Exposed to death, but can’t respect it when it’s dyslexic
Epic! Keep the soldiers in the … separate
Perfected, don’t speak with women that I slept with
Check it! Been ordain it’s my first chain
And while …substitute to my birth name!
Words exchanged, frequencies divide
Some of us prefer fame, others lead in God!
Decide, confessions of them lost lessons
And my possessions keep on stressing a nigga guessing, question
To die greatest even.. wakers
High haters, I’m back on for high eighties

You can’t be serious! It’s what we do, man!
Are you kidding me, man?

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