Chuck Ragan Gave My Heart Out Lyrics

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Tried it my way to get it right
Always got cut down a size
I never thought enough about it
Was quick to quit and quick to shout about it

Cut my feet while I cut my teeth
Breaking out rather breathlessly
Independent, but sadly faulty
Dedicated, but a bit unholy

My own x8

I only wanted what it meant to be free
Take the whole world on and bury
All the pride of a mercenary
The egotistical, high and mighty

Good for nothing, illegitimate hybrid
Who would never bust the chain of misguided
Before I knew it, I'd fallen and faded
Into the system, destined to be jaded

My own x8

Then I found rapture,
I found warning
And gave my heart out
To never be so (alone x8)

My own x8

Written by: Charles Allen Ragan
Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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