Obituary Gates to Hell Lyrics

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I know that in the depths beneath
Guilty are the saved.
I know living through pain
You will obey. you lie.

Living out this day your body begins to rot.
Low down here beneath living is dying.
Woe can feed by thoughts of the dead.
Find your way to escape. you can
Slowly We Rot Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Internal Bleedings / Godly Beings
  • 2 'Til Death
  • 3 Slowly We Rot
  • 4 Immortal Visions
  • 5 Gates to Hell
  • 6 Words of Evil
  • 7 Suffocation
  • 8 Intoxicated
  • 9 Deadly Intentions
  • 10 Bloodsoaked
  • 11 Stinkupuss

  • Written by: Donald William Tardy, John Russell Tardy, Trevor Leon Peres
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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