Tech N9ne feat. Big Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun Gangsta Shap Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Huh, yo, it don't start until I get there, show 'em how to Gangsta Shap
Cause where I'm from, that's where all the gangstas at
And when we come, yo we get to actin' a ass
And we go (dumb) if we get to moving too fast
See we go stewie-ooee, rep from the Bay, all the way
To Missouri-ouri, back it up on me mama
Look what you do to me-ooowee
We do it wrong gone off Caribou Lou-ee-ooee
Or that super dewy-ooee
One or two beers and you shap, it's like
Lean and rock with it, only you don't lean and snap, you like:
Left side, right side, hands about chest high
Then you wink at shorty in the corner with the left eye
(How you doing?) I'm off a little somethin' leanin'
Weed got me nervous, got a lil' trouble breathin' (Breathin')
Me and my heathens is about to turn this mother out
Dip in the whip, burn rubber out Gangsta Shap

[Hook] x8
Gang-Gang-Gangsta Shap

[Verse 2: Kutt Calhoun]
Kutty wait a minute, hold up
There's too many chiefs and not enough soldiers
For the world wars, standin' on the front line
Tighten my toga, I'm a Greek God
Blood affiliated, Deuce Klik Street Mob
And I put this souly on my dookie brown dickies
Hail to the B side
Capnaptavate these Killa City killings
Nigga you can't calculate big cli-dips long
Inner City men-ac-es, these kids get it (on!)
We don't fight no more, all we do is this
All we do is this, lately it's been through a bitch
And that's cost for livin' in the center of Killa City
Where these niggas Willy Wonka chop at any men
Who feeling they really raw, get to pullin' dogs
At the dark da-nin-nin-nents, nobody for you to call
When they do dissolve, just a harsh remembrance
You might've got through it all, but was too involved
And it's very scary, it's kind of pathetic
Nobody is sympathetic, when you dead and buried
We rugged and rigid no pun is intended
And when them thangs go clap
We gangstas mane, we bang and trap
Remember killas don't dance man
We G-G-G-Gang-G-G-G

[Hook] x8

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
I re-member my school days, when I was a dancer
Back when LL Cool J was walking with a panther
Actually dancing was not, but rap was the answer
But with the shap, it's cool for the gangsta to dance too
Still here we stand with this dance that spread like a cancer
Cool for the man, even the woman or the baby in pampers
Dance that is deep and it's dirty like the crevice of your hamper
Raisin' your hands up high in this bitch cause you amped up (Go!)
Nike Air Jordan at the bottom in the middle was a Nautica pair
Lot of erotica there, but up top I got the gangsta black
Doin' the Gangsta Shap, nigga thanks for that Imperial nigga
You don't want to see me go speedy, bro need to see me flow
Never get this shappin' up out of me, he better see the dough
We be so cold with it, boy we need some wool mittens
Ladies just roll with it, everything is cool, kitten
Tilt your head like you got some screws missin'
But have that look on your face like when you say you bullshittin'
Gangsta Shap

Ooh man, that Gangsta Shap shit, man
I'm feeling that shit, man
Ya gotta show me how to do that dance, man
Where y'all from anyway, man?
Y'all from Missouri? Ya talking 'bout KCMO?
Roll on Missouri, man
I'm feeling that shit, man
That shit dope, baby
All day, every day, man
From the hood where it's all good, man
We Gangsta Shap
Kansas City, that's where them gangstas at, you know

[Hook] x8

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