Dog Eat Dog feat. Ronnie James Dio Games Lyrics

Play Games Track Listing
  • 1 Bulletproof
  • 2 Isms
  • 3 Hi-Lo
  • 4 Rocky
  • 5 Step Right In
  • 6 Rise Above
  • 7 Games
  • 8 Getting Live
  • 9 Buggin’
  • 10 Numb
  • 11 Sore Loser
  • Standing up at the plate
    Waiting on my date
    I was startin' to worry
    She was a half-hour late
    My team don't like it
    When I delay the game
    But they know I'm crowned
    The girl's on the rebound
    Life is like a stadium at night
    Crowd cheers jeers
    Drama spotlights
    The public know us
    Maybe they don't
    But now I'm gonna show 'em
    What the cameras won't
    Time is running out for you and me
    What's it all about?
    When I was a kid
    I went down to the minors
    For stealing a base
    They gave me a shiner
    Sat me on the bench
    'Til I learned my lesson
    Little older, wiser
    And a little less aggressive
    At the age of seventeen
    I got back on the team
    Like a quarterback sneak
    Every kid's dream
    Never far from home
    Always in the zone
    Home or away
    In ballparks and domes
    C'mon and play these games today
    Who wants to play these games today
    I'm gonna play these games today
    We gotta play
    Play games
    Oh yeah! The games we play
    We play games
    I've seen the bad calls
    Injuries and penalties
    But I keep ducking
    All the blocks with ease
    Big game exposure
    All star composure
    You asked me to prove my skills
    Then I showed ya
    The clock ticks down
    To the year two thousand
    I went for the gold
    And I damn near found it
    To those who told
    I would never succeed
    It's first and goal
    And I'm the M.V.P.

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