Sugar Going Home Lyrics

Believe What You're Saying Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Believe What You're Saying
  • 2 Going Home
  • 3 In the Eyes of My Friends
  • 4 And You Tell Me
  • Going home where to go
    Where the whole thing started
    And you know going back won't be fun forever
    As you go
    Hasn't been forever
    Going home
    Leaving home forever

    Face the door start to crawl
    Like you were a baby
    Going home to a home you left
    And vowed you'd never be
    Going home
    This was for someone else
    Time to go
    You can't stay here any more

    Find some things from the past
    That you thought were missing
    Pack them up as you go back
    To the life you're leading now
    Going home
    I can't stay forever
    Got to go
    Back to where I came from

    I don't know where to go
    With so few possessions
    They stay home as I go back
    To where I came from

    Written by: Robert Arthur Mould

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