Dog Eat Dog Funnel King Lyrics

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Wake up Monday nothing new
Weekend has caught up with you
Lie in bed hold your head
Pray to god you ain't dead
Alarm clock rings out like a bell
Start this day a living hell
Take a breath and what's that smell?
Well it smells like **** but you can't tell
Just like you always there
Just like you never care
Just like you head's in a sling
Just like you the Funnel King
Puke it out think its gone
But you're in for a marathon
Lips are blue eyes are gone
Garb the rim just hold on
This is like a weekly thing
'Cause you are the funnel thing
OK now but you ain't done
Just wait until next Monday comes
Knock knock knockin' at your door
Never ever gonna drink that filthy beet
No more

Written by: Dan Nastasi, Dave Neabore, David Maltby, John Martin Connor, Sean Kilkenny
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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