Ultramagnetic MC’s Funky (remix) Lyrics

Critical Beatdown Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 Watch Me Now
  • 2 Ease Back
  • 3 Ego Trippin’ (MC’s Ultra remix)
  • 4 Moe Luv’s Theme
  • 5 Kool Keith Housing Things
  • 6 Traveling at the Speed of Thought (remix)
  • 7 Feelin’ It
  • 8 One Minute Less
  • 9 Ain’t It Good to You
  • 10 Funky (remix)
  • 11 Give the Drummer Some
  • 12 Break North
  • 13 Critical Beatdown
  • 14 When I Burn
  • 15 Ced‐Gee (Delta Force One) (remix)
  • [Produced by Ultramagnetic MC's]

    [Keith] Yo whattup Ced? This beat is funky
    [C.Gee] Word up Kool Keith you know why this beat is funky?
    Cause I ain't havin it no other way
    [Keith] Word
    [C.Gee] So bust this, yo Keith
    I want you to rip this beat apart, it's on you

    [Kool Keith]
    I keep stamina, for a beat that's rocketable
    For you wack MC's, it's jocketable
    Bite the notes and quotes, analysis
    Home pissed as I disrespect you obedients
    But my rhymes correct you like a switch
    To a small mistake
    I wax all of you, and leave your ears to ache
    You need Excedrin, Anacin, medicine
    And for your brain, what better sin stupid
    Now you picked your choice
    You didn't win now you're seein my voice
    In the flesh, step out your radio
    No illusions, back in stereo
    So here we go as I step on to you
    I never knew you but my rhymes go through you
    Like acid, I burn your whole suit off
    I'm Heat Miser, and you're Rudolph
    For any date and time you wanna square off
    My rhymes are clippers, they cut your hair off
    The back the sides the top above your brain
    Below your skull, I step to you
    Cause you're plastic, my mind is solid steel
    I make your domepiece spin like a windmill
    Slow, I think it's time to go
    I'm not havin it

    Whattup Trev? I'm not havin it
    I'm runnin the universe about right now

    [TR Love]
    Yeah? Yo Ced Gee, what you got to add to that?

    [Ced Gee]
    I tell a crowd of rappers, I need a whole stadium
    The Kingdome, an arena or palladium
    Step off, while I walk on stage
    With the rhyme missile, cold blowin your ass up
    For better safety, leave your mask up
    Musically, I'm like lye in your face
    I drown meters with tons of bass
    You can't take it, the funkier I make it
    With brick walls, you can't break it
    Toy boy, you beat the Noyd
    I be a Jetson, smooth like Elroy
    Blastoff, I pull your cells out a socket
    A twelve gauge with rhymes I gotta cock it
    I'm deep fryin, chicken MC's who fell off
    Recruited as a boy scout
    And now the sissy, becomes a girl scout
    Tryin to rip and lift and shift style to mines
    On the wack-ass beat
    I get unique, write rhymes for your feet
    To shuffle, watch your shoes scuffle on down
    To the funky rhythm that I give em
    Ced Gee on the mic, I'm not havin it
    Word up, I'm not havin it man
    I'm fed up with all this nonsense goin on

    [TR Love]
    Yeah I see a lot of things gettin out of hand out here
    So Keith, get it off your chest

    [Kool Keith]
    I'm not that average rapper, nobody's equal
    And for the biter, his beat will
    Grow and grow and grow, til he finds out
    He's not a pro-fessionally
    Up to par, with myself
    No comp', I like to battle myself
    By myself, compete again myself
    Score myself, on these weak ass charts
    How can a fool say he's on the top?
    Eight million rappers, my rhymes stop
    With lyric bombs, the wack ones drop
    Like snowflakes, they turn to cornflakes
    My voice shakes, causin earthquakes in Michigan
    Parts of New York
    For local rappers, ducks who tryo to hawk
    On the avenue, my rhymes are international
    Covering, worldly smothering
    I'm brain bustin, so take a Bufferin quick
    Until your knots start to heal
    And go down, and feel OK
    But like my son, you still obey
    Certain laws, a major is a factor
    I pull your skull out, move it with a tractor
    Diesel power, crushin MC's who try to
    Talk and mix and change and bite the lyrics
    Of a master, I'm Kool Keith, I'm not havin it

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