ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Fuck the World (Clean) Lyrics

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F***,F*** this s*** you know what I'm sayin' F*** give it to me
If I only could I'd set the world on fire
If I only could I'd set the world on fire
If I only could I'd set the world on fire
Say F*** the world(F*** the world)
If I only could I'd set the world on fire
F*** em all!(F*** em all)
F*** you F*** me and F*** us
F*** Tom,F*** Mary and F*** Gus
F*** Darius
F*** the westcoast and F*** everybody on the east eat s*** and die
or F*** off at least,
F*** preschoolers F*** rulers kings and queens and gold jewlers
F*** wine coolas F*** chicken F*** ducks everybody in your crew sucks,punk mother f****
F*** critics,F*** your review even if you like me F*** you
F*** your mom F*** your moms momma F*** the Beastie Boys and the Dali Llama
F*** Rain Forests F*** a Forrest Gump you probably like it in the rump
F*** a shoe pump F*** the real deal and F*** all the fakes
F*** all 52 states Oooo, and F*** you

[Chorus X 2]

[Violent J]
F*** Oprah, f*** opera, f*** a soap opera
F*** a pop locker and a cock blocker
F*** your girlfriend, I probably did her already
F*** Kyle and his brother Tom Petty, Jump Steady
My homie, f*** him, what are you gonna do?
(F*** that bitch, f*** you!) Yeah well f*** you too
Don't bother tryin to analyze these rhymes
In this song I say f*** 93 times
F*** the president, f*** your welfare
F*** your government and f*** Fred Bear
F*** Nugent, like anybody gives a f***
You like to hunt a lot, so f***in what?!
F*** disco, Count of Monte Crisco
F*** Cisco, and Jack and Jerry Brisco
And f*** everyone who went down with the Titanic, in a panic
I'm like f*** you, AHHHHH!!!!

[Chorus X 2]

[Violent J]
F*** Celine Dion and f*** Dionne Warwick
You both make me sick, suck my d***
F*** the Berlin Wall, both sides of it
And f*** Lyle Lovett, whoever the f*** that is
F*** everybody in the hemisphere
F*** them across the world, and f*** them right here
You know the guy that operates the Rouge River draw bridge in Delray on
Jefferson? F*** HIM!
F*** your idea, f*** your gonnoreha
F*** your diarrhea, Rocky Maivia
F*** your wife, your homie did, he's f***in you
F*** the police and the 5-0 too
F*** Spin, Rolling Stone, and f*** Vibe
F*** everybody inside
Whoever's on the cover, f*** his mother
F*** your little brother's homie from around the way
And f*** Violent J!
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