The Mamas & the Papas Frustration Lyrics

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Hey baby! I feel so frustrated today.
You took all the love I could give you
And you, you took it away.
Don't try to hide the fact that you don't care.
I knew it this morning when
I woke up with no underwear.
Yeah, baby, we had a groovy thing goin' on
But you just kind of made mince meat out of me
And threw away the key to my heart.

Hey baby! I feel so frustrated, yeah!
Gone are the days when I felt so glad.
Loving you is just so hard to do.
You make me frustrated like
I'm stuck in a shoe.

Hey baby! The frustration I feel
Is really gettin' me down.
Can't you see the tears fallin'
From this here clown.
I feel so much better when your not around, Draggin' me down and puttin' me down.
So far down in the ground.
Now let me untie these knots that you've tied
So tight around my heart.
Baby, I feel like daddy's Desoto
In the car that won't start.


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