A Fresh Lyrics

"Kool & The Gang"

Conversation is going 'round,
People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town,
Lovely lady, pretty as can be,
No one knows her name she's just a mystery
I have seen her, maybe once or twice
One thing I can say is ooh she's very nice
She's a lady, one I really want to know
Somehow I've got to let my feeling show

[She's fresh,fresh],exciting
She's so exciting to me,
[She's fresh,fresh],exciting
She's so inviting to me, "yeah"

I've been thinking, about the way you walk
Baby ooh, I like, way you talk
Tell you somethin',I really can't hide
Heaven must have sent you to be, by my side

Fresh and lovely,[fresh], like a dream come true
I'll give anything to spend the night with you
What a feelin',and i can't stop it baby
Miss frisky lady, take me away,

[And She's fresh,fresh],exciting
She's so exciting to me,"yeah"
[She's fresh,fresh],exciting
so inviting to me, "yeah"

Fresh as a summer breeze,[as a summer breeze],[Oh,oo]
She'll take you by surprise,
She means so much to me,
I'll do whatever,to make her mine,"baby",..."Oh yeah"
Ou,ooo La,La,La,La,La,La,Ou,ooo,She's fresh,

[She's fresh she's so fresh],
[She's fresh she's so fresh],
[She's fresh she's so fresh],Fresh as a summer breeze,
[she's so fresh,she's so fresh],
[She's fresh she's so fresh],she mean so much to me,
[she's so fresh],"yeah"[she's so fresh],
[She's fresh she's so fresh],
"I want to take her by the hand"[she's so fresh],
"And pray she'll understand,
[She's so fresh],[she's so fresh],
"I love the way she walks"
[She's fresh she's so fresh],[she's so fresh],
"And ooh baby I love the way she talks"
[she's so fresh],[she's so fresh],
[She's fresh she's so fresh],
I've just gotta tell her something,
[she's so fresh],[she's so fresh],[she's so fresh],
and I hope she'll understand,
Miss frisky lady,[She's fresh she's so fresh],she's so fresh],
Oh,oo Oh,oo Oh,oo..I,[Fade],3:36sec

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