Unbunny Freezing Scene Lyrics

Black Strawberries Track Listing
  • 1 In a Way
  • 2 Born Blind
  • 3 Let It All Burn
  • 4 5th of July
  • 5 Water and the Spanish Tongue
  • 6 Glacier
  • 7 Swans Are Fainting
  • 8 Untitled #1
  • 9 Freezing Scene
  • 10 Unchained
  • 11 Untitled #2
  • 12 Northernspies
  • but i could melt away
    to make the freezing scene
    takes another loose campaign
    untie your heavy horses
    they're dragging in the rain
    dragging in the rain
    they're dragging in the rain

    company to arms
    you soldiers will be famous
    and keep your weapons clean
    and sharpen all your sences
    come in from the fields and
    join us in the trenches
    join us in the grave

    unfold those sentences
    from underneath your tongue, dear
    or do they organize
    much further down your throat?
    the things you used to say
    did you ever really mean them?

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