Oj Da Juiceman Freestyle Lyrics

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The realest trapper in it, let me talk to you for a minute
Ain't a trap nigga, all I did was ever get it
Gold mode on, nigga, I was down to split it
If you ever cross me for it, nigga, you can get it
Damn, man I ride around with the heat on
My seat, nigga, and you can get it, nigga
But a 36 every day, wake up get my phone, call it, nigga catch that play
Damn, nigga hate to hear that, though
Hate to see you nigga get that money real for real, though
Pussy in the skies, all the fucking time, man, that pussy he despise
A real nigga 'cause I always try to get it, nigga
Came up on that corner, nigga, I was out to get it, nigga
You's a hater, you's a faker, you ain't never tried, pussy nigga
Get your weight up
You can catch me in the hood riding around all day
Yeah, I got 'em good
Damn, post it in the yard
Wondering what they got
We still got the heart
Damn, nigga still selling gas, nigga
Still whoop your ass, still selling grass, nigga
Nigga, that's that damn gas, nigga
OJ came near, 100,000 of them bads, nigga
Damn, better get up on your money shit
Better try to flip a couple bricks
If you ain't hustling, you ain't shit
Out of time I'mma get me rich
Damn, can't be no sit around, nigga
I'd rather blow me a swisher
Fill it up with two grams, nigga smoke up on your ass
Ain't no pussy nigga, scram
I'm on that lean promethazine codeine
Damn, and I always sell those fucking things
Square things, nigga, come up in a basket
Got this 40 on me, extend it and it's blasting
Damn, you can end up in a casket
If you talk that bullshit, buddy I get passed you
Damn, that's a 100 damn shot, nigga to your damn block
Nigga, make your heart stop, nigga
And I'm still on that real shit
Young Juiceman you can catch me in the field, bitch
The realest fucking trapper, the realest nigga you know
Busting bricks up out the wrapper

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