King’s X Freedom Lyrics

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Freedom to have two mothers and all be men
Freedom to terminate jay phebus if he don't fit in
Freedom to kiss my brother right on the lips
To make my own concoction and take a sip
What a trip
Blame it all on God


Freedom to pay for a killer to have TV
Freedom to get elected and set my own salary
Freedom to go out and join the KKK
Freedom to get in trouble for everything that I say
What a day
Blame it all on God


Freedom to scam everybody and make a buck
Freedom to get your credit card number and press my luck
Freedom to cut down the forest make new disease
Freedom to throw everything we've got into the seas
And would you please
Blame it all on God (We can blame it on God)

Ogre Tones Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Alone
  • 2 Stay
  • 3 Hurricane
  • 4 Fly
  • 5 If
  • 6 Bebop
  • 7 Honesty
  • 8 Open My Eyes
  • 9 Freedom
  • 10 Get Away
  • 11 Sooner or Later
  • 12 Mudd
  • 13 Goldilox (reprise)
  • 14 Bam
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