Beenie Man Freedom Lyrics

Blessed Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blessed
  • 2 Slam
  • 3 Freedom
  • 4 Stop Live in De Pass
  • 5 Acid Attack
  • 6 Modelling
  • 7 Matie a Come
  • 8 Man Moving
  • 9 World Dance
  • 10 Tear Off Mi Garment
  • 11 New Name
  • 12 Weeping & Mourning (feat. Lukie D.)
  • 13 Heaven vs. Hell
  • 14 See a Man Face
  • Babylon yuh betta turn wi loose
    God knows, turn wi loose now
    Sing along, a little song
    An guh a ting like

    Freedom, for some I am bawling
    Babylon yuh pull di chain from mi han
    Mi still under yuh Babylon system
    God knows, Freedom for some I am bawling
    Oh Selassie I, rastafarian calling
    Beenie Man a sing a ting

    From the day mi know miself, man a born of mammal
    Although yuh smart, dem sen yuh guh a Jamal
    Teach yuh how fi spell gun and nuclear weapon
    How fi spell politics and greet politician
    Nowhere in the Bible where those words come from
    Dem restore wi name an class us as African
    When con is a short name for condemnation
    I nuh know bout di I, I a true Ethiopian
    Christopher Columbus, bout him discover island
    Discover what when him come spot the Indian
    An a him tun roun an all enslave black man
    Mussolini an him friend dem tief the gold and all di diamond
    Who steal wi name, check the queen wheh deh a England
    A she build the pope and introduce vatican
    From Constantine, Julius and all Pope John
    Now dem reach Paul I wonder if dem want to expand
    Queen Elie-zabeth, all she is a next one
    Well mi naah guh too stress me just a look a explanation
    This is the word from the black man


    I say man a true needle kill the dragon and eagle
    Murda di pope wheh a defender of evil
    Long time dem bwoi deh a pressure black people
    Have wi like a slave under chain and shackle
    Now wi buss out inna muscle
    Well a long time mi deh warn dem fi look to the east
    Warning to the dragon and the mark of the beast
    Mek dem a galong suh like dem caan tun discease
    Call on the Selassie wheh a blow all di breeze
    Weeping wailing, nashing of teeth
    God judgment, is only certain man see it
    Pope Constantine inna him grave an all a grief
    This is no Pelican brief
    My Speech


    People, well unnuh clean out yuh ears an listen to mi lyrics
    Yuh nuh hear bout di Lieshah di ball head prophet
    Word of Elijah, di man used to spread it
    John di most righteous man yet still wasn't a prophet
    He could not be God, dem haffi tun him inna baptist
    This is the meaning of ma lyrics in these times
    Mandela come an try it
    Well him never reach far, prison wall di man face it
    Malcolm X try an a copper shot end it
    All try and dem beat it an kill it
    Marcus Garvey try, a fi rice dem sell it
    Only we inna di music business can stop it
    Follow Beenie Man and all live it


    Written by: Moses Davis, Donald Dennis, Patrick Roberts, Sly Dunbar
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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