Patti Smith Frederick Lyrics

iTunes Originals Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 iTunes Originals
  • 2 I Can't Remember Ever Recording It Acoustically
  • 3 P*****g In a River (iTunes Originals Version)
  • 4 It Was Our Most Popular Song
  • 5 Because the Night
  • 6 It Was Written In Memory of the Hopi Indians
  • 7 Ghost Dance (iTunes Originals Version)
  • 8 I Was Walking By the Sea Thinking of Him
  • 9 Frederick
  • 10 In the Face of Loss We Have to Be Strong
  • 11 About a Boy
  • 12 A Poem for Oliver Ray
  • 13 Beneath the Southern Cross
  • 14 I Wanted to Sing It the Way I Ride a Horse
  • 15 Midnight Rider (iTunes Originals Version)
  • 16 My Inspiration Was Mother Teresa
  • 17 One Voice
  • 18 I Always Look to William Blake When I'm Having a Difficult Year
  • 19 My Blakean Year
  • 20 This Song Came to Mind
  • 21 Tara / Peaceable Kingdom (iTunes Originals Version)
  • 22 We Became Instant Friends
  • 23 Gloria: In Excelsis Deo (Live)
  • 24 It's a Very Alive Song
  • 25 Soul Kitchen (iTunes Originals Version)
  • 26 The Most Emotional Song On the Record
  • 27 Smells Like Teen Spirit (iTunes Originals Version)
  • Hi hello
    Wake from thy sleep
    God has granted
    Thy soul to keep
    All of the power
    And all of the gain
    Is entwined
    In a single

    Name of care
    Fast asleep
    In a room somewhere
    Guardian angels/up above
    On the one I love.

    I am calling
    As the young thrush
    Caught in the crest
    Astonished tie death
    On this night of wonder
    On this night I know
    I would give all
    If you called
    To say hello.

    High! high!
    Hey hey
    Rejoin to me as
    The light fades
    My soul surrenders
    In my glove
    Take this message
    My dove
    To the one I love.

    Written by: Patti Smith
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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