The Butchies Freaks* * *Athletes Lyrics

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Fight that anger and you The constant sound of panic Blue-- blue and the bruises Look at me-- who am I kidding? I'm closer and farther all the time And it's like crash Crash just like shattered Cruising for compliments Handless bended and oh please Every word Let me be held Just when you think that she's got you Or when you think she's looking at you Or when your heart is dropping to the ground It's the face The distance of disaster The suits of rules and master Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you Well I give my word Let me be held by every word that I say Let me be held in every move that I make Let me be falling We suffer it now Breathe now honey oh Let's evolve Let me breathe now Let's evolve Let you breathe now honey oh Rise to the challenge Who is your teacher? Who are your students? I'll take them now We're going underground Bring me these freaks Freaks and athletes We will run then now And bring this town down But it's the war Selling off the peace Selling for you now Are we wasting time? Do you believe this is honesty Or do you believe this is misery?

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