A Trillion Barnacle Lapse Fountain Lyrics

The Elemental Gearbot Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Privacy Had a Bad Ticker
  • 2 Faceless Cowboy
  • 3 Fountain
  • 4 The New Skin
  • 5 Nanomachines Are in Richard Feynman's Bloodstream
  • 6 Million Dollar Legs
  • 7 Appliance Romance
  • 8 Man of the Year
  • 9 Evaporating at Room Temperature
  • 10 Spectators for My Spectacles
  • He said it takes more then sharp eyes, it takes more than steady hands and it takes more than cool nerves.
    It takes luck, pure dumb luck.
    The kind of luck that wins lotteries and the kind of luck that walks away from plane crashes.
    Don’t read into the subtext if I wanted you to know I just would have told you or maybe I wouldn’t.
    Sometimes what is thought of as exasperation means absolutely nothing. Sometimes words themselves amount to nothing but the ink that types them on off white paper.

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