Lacrimas Profundere Fornever Lyrics

Fall, I Will Follow Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 For Bad Times
  • 2 Adorertwo
  • 3 Last
  • 4 I Did It for You
  • 5 Sear Me Pale Sun
  • 6 The Nothingship
  • 7 Liquid
  • 8 Under Your...
  • 9 ... and Her Enigma
  • 10 Fornever
  • it´s you and high
    I cry for our time - time -
    I love your tears falling down
    and no heart should go on
    your hair is like wine
    your skin is "h" - time -
    I love your tears falling down
    I kiss our loves goodbye
    so pour me out and burn me down
    i'll be with you
    and when it all ends
    my soul ends to,
    I fall for you
    my tears will belong to all your times
    and to cloudy touches
    for every breath my heart beats with.
    I can´t be me - for me
    it´s a feeling
    a nevertrust
    a thought
    can you give up and drown back
    just never forgive up
    please drown I never, fornever, you

    Written by: Christopher Schmid, Oliver Schmid
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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