Keepsake Forlorn Lyrics

The Things I Would Say Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Third Wish
  • 2 Infinity Road
  • 3 Twenty Percent
  • 4 The Only Light We See
  • 5 Paper Cuts and Broken Hearts
  • 6 A Simple Deed, Two Twisted Minds, a Cry for Help for Humankind
  • 7 Wither
  • 8 On Season Too Late
  • 9 Forlorn
  • 10 Final Moments
  • Before you write me off
    Your actions prove you cunning
    My actions overlooked
    No longer will I misjudge
    On the account of my lust
    My virtues of your kind
    Slowly fading away
    I often wonder what's become?
    Of what I've grown to know as love
    I reminisce of days gone by
    Your innocence gone
    Now you spread your wings and fly (away)
    Why can't I find that deep inside
    What you once were It troubles me
    But now I see, why you must leave
    Time again
    Damaged fate

    Written by: Josef Erich Zawinul
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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