C Note Forgive Me Lyrics

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I feel the warmth of morning light
but im still cold inside
the touch cant take the loneliness away
with you sleepin in my arms
wanna keep you safe from harm
but I cant protect our love from what my heart has to say
though you still look the other way
I cant go on pretending one more day

(Chorus) forgive me
cause I never meant to hurt you
I always believed in love
and I only wish that it was enough
forgive me
cause I didn’t wanna say it
but I cant live a lie
though it breaks my heart to say goodbye

as a tear falls from your eye
you keep asking why
though I know you’ve held the answer deep inside
you say isn’t this worth fighting for
but I cant fight with you at all
time has changed us both
and I cant be the man u want anymore
I just cant look the other way
why would you keep pretending another day


and thought we still have so much love
we couldn’t help but grow apart
and there’s no way for us to turn back from where we are
so when we walk away
im gonna pray
that one day you will see

(chorus) x2 fade
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